Kulora, the world's first privacy focused social network for everyone, is now offline.

We wish to show our appreciation to the 96,325 who believed in Kulora and it's values.

Kulora set out with one goal: To protect you by being a network and not just some advert platform. It achieved this by carefully balancing donations combined with a freemium model with no adverts. And it worked too. These same values are still central to Kulestar today and always will be.

So you're probably wondering why you're now seeing this message. Within a few hours, Kulora had witnessed a dramatic drop of it's traffic to almost zero. Our userbase was happy and all services were still responding normally; It wasn't a technical fault either. We were completely in the dark as to what had happened and in many ways, we still are.

One day though, Kulora will be reborn, carrying the same values that once made it a great place to be.

31st September 2014